LOOP-BARCELONA.16-25 May 2013. CESAR MENEGHETTI is presenting at the SCREEN Festival, a festival for contemporary art practices related to video, film and new media of Barcelona. It was conceived in 2003 to offer a unique viewing experience together with LOOP Fair, the professional meeting point for commercial galleries related to artists’ video and film. The screening will be on 18 and 19 May at La Plataforma in the selection of poetics and politics  – Al of Us – that presents a diversity of personal approaches to various political themes. Some artists use visual metaphors to raise awareness; some, stress the need to remember crucial events; others, directly provoke situations with the aim to promote change. They deal with more than specific political issues. They raise another tricky question: which is the role of the artist in contemporary society? Is it a utopian (or pretentious) project to see art as an engine to change the fabric of our world? Or is it a necessity?