BERLIN. Saturday 7th March opening of the collective exhibition BRING THE DARLING: Warren Neidich, Römer & Römer, Marcus Sendlinger, Alexandra Baumgartner, Thomas Eller and César Meneghetti invited by Mimmo Catania. The Kreuzberg Pavilion is a space of artistic exchange in Berlin regular exhibitions every Saturday from 20.00 bis 01.00 clock.

Some pieces shown in this exhibition were found outside the studio, brought into it – some on purpose, some as souvenir, some with unknown cause – and now carried out of it for the first and last time.
 Other pieces are trash, which – not meant to be produced or shown – just appeared during the work. On the way to the dust suddenly it was recognized as fountain of an idea, as souvenir, as beauty, as joke or as elevated idol – and it is saved for an hour, a little while or the following period of humankind. Maybe these pieces were meant to become art, but failed on the way and contain the beauty of failure. Or there’s a hidden beauty of ulterior motive, recognizable or not. They carry the beauty of appearance without hard work or internal self-doubt, of a certain ease.

7 März 2015 Ausstellung: BRING THE DARLING in der Kreuzberg Pavillon, ein Raum des künstlerischen Austausches in Berlin mit regelmäßigen Ausstellungen jeden Samstag von 20.00 bis 01.00 Uhr. Weitere Infos zum Kreuzberg Pavillon gibt es unter: www.kreuzbergpavillon.de