CESAR MENEGHETTI @ IMAGEM-CONTATO: Mostra de Imagem em Movimento

SÃO PAULO. From 19th to 29th July 2012 the festival IMAGEM-CONTATO: Mostra de Imagem em Movimento proposes to approach the materiality and handcrafted in the art of moving image, investigating possible strands or trends, and expanding the concept of materiality beyond material. Curated by Kika Nicolela With the collaboration of Gabriel Soucheyre [Videoformes] the program includes mini-retrospectives with representative works of the pioneer artists Norman McLaren, Nam June Paik, Jan Svankmayer and Zbigniew Rybczynski, a range of works of other celebrated artists, such as Gunvor Nelson, Bill Viola, Gary Hill and Pipilotti Rist, and a selection of works by Brazilian and international contemporary artists, including César Meneghetti.

The projections will take place in São Paulo at SESC Vila Mariana, SESC Pinheiros, SESC Ipiranga, SESC Belenzinho and CineSESC. There will also be a container with a daily schedule in looping, which will be placed in 3 different public locations in the city. In addition, a selection of works will be part of SescTV broadcast program during the 10 days of the Mostra SESC de Artes.