RE-ACT. Virus Art Attack is a virtual exhibition project on display on the social networks of Studio Arte 15, during the long quarantine period due to Covid-19. Studio Arte 15 is an entrepreneurial company, all female, with headquarters in Rome and Dubai that operates in the field of contemporary art with experience in curating of exhibitions in public and private spaces and strategic planning for the acquisition of works of art in the collections. Thanks to our work, we are fortunate to confront with contemporary artists every day and through their artworks, to share the transformations that life imposes to man’s existence. And it is precisely from this continuous confrontation that together with the artistic duo Elastic Group of Artistic Research, we felt the need to give life to this project: RE-ACT as an active reaction to the situation of forced isolation that has already sadly become a part of history. The desire to create works of art born from the coexistence of all the emotions arising from the pandemic, has given us an important testimony on the effects caused by the attack of this dangerous virus, allowing us to contribute to exorcise it with Art! The twenty-eight artworks presented offer more possibilities for the reading and interpretation and personal points of view.