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2011-2012 (brazil)

this_placements v. 1.0 recife
this_placements v. 2.0 joão pessoa

prêmio funarte de arte contemporanea 2011

By doing a little visible fusion between geographic areas of East and West stands in a discussion pertaining to audio-visual concepts like truth and reality, producing a subversive operation of the real.
This book / catalogue aims to draw a timeline in recent years production of César Meneghetti until the work THIS_PLACEMENTS, a video installation that consists of four videos arranged in a sequence of continuous projection, as if it were a single traveling shot. The assembly of the four projections, four realities symbolize also some geographical locations of his previous research: Africa (Niamey, Niger), Asia (Hanoi, Vietnam), Europe (Venice, Italy) and America (Recife, Brazil). The four cities viewed simultaneously both from the metaphor of the window and an imaginary route which establishes a virtual dialogue between different cultures through art and free interpretation of different realities.
The series THIS_PLACEMENTS (singular and plural) enquires about the perception of a landscape that does not exist, and on the concept of displacement of time and space, thus creating a new virtual anthropo-geographic reality specular or in contradiction of globalization. The work unites the Brazilian city of Recife (site specific recorded images) to the other three cities in the world where the artist held earlier works and research to put side by side the question of interconnection of networks and to make a metaphor for an unique imaginary excursion on transposable spaces that can not be described or drawn on any map, because it does not belong to any system.
East and West here acquire a new dimension and urban areas, people, details overlap or fade in layers until they become pure flow.